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With Key Control, a key authorization card is supplied when your High Security locks are installed. This allows you to obtain additional copies of the key in the future. It also assures that your key can NOT be copied without presentation of the High Security ID card. Getting your key back from unauthorized individuals will guarantee that they did not make any copies for themselves, and saves you from having to change your locks. Advantages for different applications include:

​Business: Safe Room, Medicine Cabinets, Employees

(Employees can not obtain copies without card)

Apartment/Condo: Perimeter Entrance doors & gates

(Tenants can not obtain copies without card)

Residential: Guests, Housekeepers, Contractors

(Individuals can not obtain copies without card)

National and local news organizations have shined a light on the problem of bump keys and their effectiveness at defeating almost 90 percent of locks found on home and businesses in the United States. Starting out as a tool locksmiths used to gain entry into locked doors, the bump key eventually fell into the wrong hands. This led to the keys being reproduced and sold online and to unauthorized individuals who were not locksmiths or involved in the locksmith industry. These days with so much lock and key info on the internet, almost anyone can either obtain a bump key, make one themselves, and even watch instructional videos on how to use the key. All at a cost of around $7 or nothing if they have the equipment already. Worst of all, if used, the bump key leaves no trace at all. You will never know someone used it until it was too late. The bump key will even relic your door when the bad guys leave (See GMA video on the right). Fortunately, our company has recognized this threat and installs High Security cylinders that can not be bumped or picked by such simple tools found online. Bump keys and lock picks are real, and people do get them. Please schedule a security sweep of your home or business today and assure you are not a risk of these simple attacks.

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Because regular locks, just do not stand up in this day and age!

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Another huge advantage of having High Security is Patented Key Control, which can keep you in charge of who has your keys and how many total copies exist. Perfect for employee management!

Simply stunning... something NEEDS to be done about this. The answer is getting High Security locks today!

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Bump Keys have rendered classic pin & tumbler locks ineffective, providing a FALSE sense of security to consumers!

Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks
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We offer and install Mul-T-Lock High Quality Lock Cylinders. These locks provide the highest level of security by utilizing a pin within a pin system and patented magnetic interactive floating element. They are constructed of hardened metals and are resistant to drill and force attacks. Key Control is accomplished by a user card provided with each locking system ensuring that no one will ever have unauthorized duplicates of your key. Additional keys can be obtained through your authorized Mul-T-Lock Dealer.

Ever get the feeling someone is opening your locks when you aren't around? ​Did you know that a simple online search can reveal thousands of easy methods to open almost every standard lock in the market? Websites like Wikipedia, and YouTube offer detailed information on bypassing and defeating the most common locks found on homes and businesses using Bump Keys and various Lock Pick tools. Other websites even sell the tools to open basic locks for a few dollars at most! (See below) In the age of social media and information sharing, it is increasingly more important to stay ahead of the game and never be a victim of an easy attack. Fortunately, we offer High Security lock solutions that can not be defeated by simple means or online tutorials. Check out the Good Morning America video below to learn more.

Check out this shocking Good Morning America report!

Do you have a fancy handleset or custom door lock? Maybe you have an HOA that is strict on the types of locks you have. No worries, at Rolling Hills Lock & Key, we install High Security cylinders in ALL types of locks and doors. We have lock cylinders designed to retro fit into your existing hardware so you do not have to change the look of your door. Mul-T-Lock has cylinders in all sizes and color finishes. Don't be stuck with a basic cylinder in a beautiful door handle. Upgrade it today!

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